Day 54 {ear infections}

Monday. Not a day I am particularly fond of. It was freezing outside as I watched in disbelief that it only took me $32 to fill our SUV today. Unbelievable.

A quick stop was needed today. I enjoy a tea in the morning on the days I work and I needed it today after pumping gas in the freezing cold. I was happy to see Roll Up the Rim was on...

As usual I didn't win anything. However I forgot to roll it all the way around (my friend Camille is convinced it's all a conspiracy and the cars are hidden on the opposite side of the cup).

Once again I only worked a half day as Jason and I split the day looking after sick kids (this is Ethan grabbing a catnap after the three hour sleep he had).

The doctor's office took us immediately and determined that Ethan has ear infections in both ears.

When I got home I was informed by Ava that she was packing her bags to go to her imaginary friends' house. I asked her when she was going and she told me Tuesday (If you saw my scrapbook layout from a few weeks ago you already know that her answer for everything is Tuesday). She also informed me that Owen is a sauce pot and Ethan is a rascal. As a result, those are their new nicknames.

And that was it. Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
Jen, so sorry to hear the kids are sick. I hope they get better soon!
Melissa said…
Hang in there, Jen! Give the kids big hugs and kisses from us! Hope that everyone is recovered soon!
Erika said…
Cute pictures, love the one with Ethan and daddy. Sorry to hear that they are sick, hope the meds help.
Mara said…
OO Sauce pot is too cute lol! My kiddies are sick and too and not getting better. ;-( Doctors here we come