Day 60

Today was fun. Shannon and I went on another photography course. This one was taught by Trina Koster. She is a fabulous photographer and she actually did my wedding pictures 7 years ago. It was a class on creativity and it was very interesting.

We didn't get much time to shoot, but I managed to get a few pictures that I liked.

There's never a dull moment when there's a shiny, reflective object in the room:

This one is my favourite.

And that was it. I got a few of the boys this morning but nothing great before I left for the course as Owen is climbing everything he can find. Remember that picture from the other day where he was sitting on the Little People garage? Well now it's just a step stool and a way of getting on top of the sub for the surround sound so he can pull stuff off the top of the bookcase. From what I hear this is payback as Jason was exactly like this when he was that age. I've heard the stories and this is not good.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Great pictures Jen! I love the last one and the globe one. I NEED the globe one but I would like both please!!