Day 73

Today was a great day. My sister took me as her guest to Stampin' Up Regionals for a day of stamping and paper crafting. We had a great time and got a lot of great ideas.

It was an early morning, getting up bright and early to meet Melissa at the car pool. I got to see the sun come up...

while reclined in my seat with my morning tea (no I didn't win anything). Ahhhh....silence.

I just had to get a picture of this. As the sun was rising in the east behind us, the moon was still out in front of us as we drove down the 401.

My beautiful sister:

The conference hall full of 500 paper craft enthusiasts:

A paper crafter's dream: 22 Big Shots lined up just begging to cut something:

Hands down the coolest thing I saw today:

Our notes (and free stamp set):

And that was about it. As I write this I am about to call it a night as I think I am coming down with the stomach flu. Not good. :(

Thanks for looking!


bentonflocke said…
wow a meeting of 500 paper craft enthusiasts -great!!

hope you feel better soon!
Anonymous said…
You are one lucky gal to be there ;-) That was a cute idea for a card. O I love the red shoes are they yours? What are they lol ;-) Hope your feeling better soon ;-)
Flohbock said…
Wow... great meeting... wonderful!
Melissa said…
Thanks so much for going with me, Jen! I had a blast!
Thanks, everyone! Mara - my shoes are Sketchers. I bought them a few years ago from Winners (do you have Winners in the US?). I love them!