Day 109 {on the farm}

We had a quiet morning today. Jason had his hockey pool guys and their families over for the evening so it was a late night. Ava and Jason slept until 10:30. It was my turn to get up with the boys, so I was up early. It was all good though because I had soaps to catch up on

and had to do a little bit of research to do as a result:

The answer? All signs point to this being interesting. Bring on the bad guy. This lady is like Carol Channing meets Vivian Alamaine.

Scarlett was out yesterday having a playdate with Jason's brother's dog Chevy. Judging from the fact that in our house, a cheerio doesn't so much as hit the floor before Scarlett eats it, I'd say Chevy tired her out.

Eventually everyone woke up and we had breakfast: puffed pancake which looks like this for about three seconds and then it deflates .

Then we were off to Lucas' confirmation (congrats Luke!) out at the McDougall family farm (which is owned by Lucas' parents and was previously owned by Lucas/Jason's grandparents). When we left, Ava insisted on A. taking Bear with her and B. him wearing his seatbelt.

Lucas has a heart of gold and always takes Ava to the barn to introduce her to all of the animals. He has such patience and is so fantastic at explaining everything to Ava. She just adores him. Thanks, Luke! Remember this guy? Today we visited him on his turf.

Other highlights included Ava getting to hold one of the baby turkeys.

Visiting with Roscoe in the barn.

Feeding hay to Barney the goat.

And the best part? Finding an egg in the hen house and carrying it very carefully back to the house.

And guess what I found inside the car port? Graffiti! Very cool but I have to wonder - did Uncle Terry spray paint his own name because I have $5 that says he was framed lol.

Five seconds after we left, the van was unusually quiet. Everyone was fast asleep so we went for a drive to look at some garden sheds. Not exciting but still nice to have some quiet and get out of the house.

And that was it for today. It was a great day. Thanks Lucas & family! Thanks for looking!


listgirl said…
Hey I have that same remote! Do you have Dish Network? I love that photo of the cherrio and Scarlett in the background. The farm looked like fun, that's quite an array of animals.
Karen E. said…
Sorry that you didn't make it home before everyone fell asleep, but glad that you had some quiet time together looking at garden sheds1! It was fun to spend part of the day with you.
Sara G said…
What a fun fun day for you all.
And I have the same remote too!!
Take care
Thanks, everyone! We don't have Dish Network. We have Bell Expressview which is a Canadian satellite provider. Probably 2/3 of our channels are American (although we are missing good ones like Soap Opera Network and Turner Classic Movies that you can get on DishNet :( ). This remote runs the dish and the personal video recorder (PVR) which is a hard drive that records our shows to. It's so nice not to have to fiddle with a VCR anymore!