Day 95

It was a good day today. This picture of Owen is the first one I took today as I spent most of the day cleaning and organizing the house. I was shredding paper like I was about to flee the country.

Anyway, here is Owen at naptime. He had slept for three hours and was still snoring away. He had his little feet crossed under him. Ethan was sleeping exactly the same, bum in the air and his little feet crossed the opposite way under him. Unfortunately Ethan heard me and woke up before I could get a good one of him.

Ethan walking up Nana's driveway. Not a great picture but the only one that shows off his hair that I spiked.

Jason owed Ava a hula hoop after accidentally running over hers with the lawn tractor. Here we are playing with the new one. We stuck with rolling it back and forth because if there is one thing I have never been able to do is keep a hula hoop spinning around my waist.

We were at my parents' house for Easter dinner a week early. This was our delicious dinner. Everybody knows that the best cranberry you can get does not contain twigs and bits of tree bark. It slides out of a can in one beautiful, gelatinous piece and retains the shape of the can. It's my favourite.

And this is my favourite dessert. Mille feuille. Wars have been started over it and everytime it is served I push everybody to go up for seconds and thirds of the main course in the hopes that they won't have room for dessert, leaving more for me. A devious plan that never works. Everybody always has room for it.

Not the greatest of pictures, but Jason was playing with Ethan at dinner and he was laughing his head off. Ethan's pretty quiet and more reserved than Owen so it's fun to watch him when you get him going. :)

And that was it for today. It was a good day.

Thanks for looking!


Debra said… cute is he sleeping with his bum in the air!!

Love Ava's glasses on upside down!! She is too adorable!!

I have to admit...I too used to love the gelatin cranberry sauce, but a store here called Trader Joes sells a fresh one during the holidays, and it is SO amazing. I think my husband prefers the one in the can though, so I always have both!

Do we have a recipe for that yummy looking dessert????

I spent the day cleaning and organizing too! Feels good!!
Sheri said…
Great shots Jen! Dinner and dessert looked great! I love the one of you and Ava...too cute!
Shannon said…
OMG, the pic of Jason playing with Ethan is so cute. That is totally what Jason looks like when he gets fooling around with them. It's too cute!
listgirl said…
Ava's sunglasses are fabulous! And just so you know, everyone has a different stomach where desserts go.
Melissa said…
Adorable pictures, Jen! What a great afternoon!

I agree with listgirl - I used to tell my parents that my "dinner side" was full but my "dessert side" was empty. Hey Jen - what happened to the left over dessert???
Erika said…
Oh, the pic of Owen sleeping is sooo cute! Love the soft b&w too.

Funny pictures of Ava, you girls look like rockstars! :)

I had to search for the Mille feuille, and found out it is almost the same as a common Swedish pastry. Or at least wikipedia said so. It would be very interesting to see, or hear, whats inside that yummy-looking thing! =)
tconlan said…
Love the sleeping baby pic, and the softness of your black and whites! My girls wear their sunglasses upside down too, funny! (Loved your comment about the cranberry sauce too! LOL!)