Day 99

Today was a very long day. The kids were up early and I had a lot I had to get done. The second Ava got up she was asking if it was her birthday. I told her no and told her that in

sleeps she would be

years old.

Ethan and I were off to the doctor in the morning for another followup appointment for his ear problems. We have another one in three weeks because things aren't getting any better. Aunt Karen was so nice and came to watch the orange guy and Ava while I was out with Ethan. As usual the kids had a great time.

Ava and Aunt Karen putting on their "fix it hats" and "fixing" stuff around the house:

Ava parading around in Aunt Karen's shoes:

The rest of the day was really busy as I got a lot done around the house scrubbing the floor, making spaghetti sauce and making and making the banana slush punch for Saturday.

Ava watching tv while I cleaned the floors. Aladdin was the only movie Ava hadn't watched that we borrowed from my sister. It lasted five minutes until Jafar showed up and she was begging me to shut it off and put on Snow White.

The only other thing that happened today was the boys ate Smarties for the first time.

Owen wasn't so sure about them at first but I think it was because it was hard and he didn't know how to chew it.

But he stuck with it and survey says? Loves it.

That's it. Thanks for looking!


Flohbock said…
All the best for Ethan ... and great photos you have!
Amy Lightfoot said…
Aww poor Ethan! I totally understand the ear issues! Quinn had 3 sets of eartubes. His first ones went in 10 days before he turned 1, second set 3 months later! He was always infected.
4 years ago on Easter Sunday he ruptured his eardrum after being on 2 different antibiotics! His third set of tubes have been in 4 years now and he is doing well now!
Shannon said…
Ava and Aunt Karen look like they are having a blast! And I have to say that it's about time you introduced the boys to smarties. he he he
Anonymous said…
These Boys are too cute Jennifer! ;-)
Melissa said…
Very sweet pictures Jen! Hope that Ethan's ears are better soon. You'd never know they were still infected - he's a pretty happy fellow! Love the pic of Ava and Aunt Karen - too cute! Looking forward to the big day tomorrow! Three years since I snuck in to the hospital to see Ava! :)
Jenn said…
Have a fabulous party tomorrow. Can't believe she's that "many".