Day 124 {downtown...again}

We have a winner! My mom correctly identified the alley beside the Queen's Tavern. No idea on the owner of the underwear but it is definitely not mine.

Today Janie and I went on another trip around Guelph. This time to the Church of Our Lady and its surroundings downtown.

We first crossed the pedestrian bridge since it's famed for its graffiti. It was a disappointment although this was kind of cool. The orange line stretched the length of the wall and there was another crew pulling in the opposite direction at the other end. Mr. Stencil Graffiti was in a playful mood today.

It must have been the church surroundings because I thought I saw Jesus. I called out to Janie to let her know I had spotted him. We had a good laugh when we got closer.

At the church. Meet Mary.

I thought this was cool. I thought it looked like a tear had fallen from her cheek (yeah, yeah it's just a sunspot. Work with me, people).

Keeping watch.

And some of the church itself.

Now here was my big discovery of the day. I've been wracking my brain ever since to figure out who these guys are. There aren't enough people to be the apostles. The Pips to Mary's Gladys? Quite possibly. Or maybe it was a mishmash of saints. Anyway, I started to wonder if maybe one was Peter...another one could be John the Baptist...I was on a roll, but when I got to the end I was shocked.

In all of my years in Catholic school I don't remember any mention of General Zod in the Bible. Interesting...

Anyway, from there we went on a little walk. Here we are down the street from the church. Figure this one out. I took this picture before I crossed the street. I took another picture halfway across and the another picture at the other side of the street under the Van Gogh's Ear awning. Each time the church got further away even though I was walking toward it. How is that possible? I know my dad will have the answer to that question.

The old Acker's Furniture sign.

The municipal parking lot.

I love you, Mom.

The music store.

Another view of the church. Can you see it?

And that was it! Today was a great day. Thanks for looking!


listgirl said…
Wow, you live in a really beautiful city! I'm so intrigued by the beautiful scenes. Wonderful photos today! AND OMGoodness, General Zod??? LMAO!
Great job Jen!
I love them all.It looks like you were taking photos all day :O)
Shannon said…
Great shots! I love your little tours around Guelph.
Anonymous said…
OO I love them. Mr. Stencil cracks me up lol. The church pics are my fav ;-)
Mari said…
Those are neat shots. The church is beautiful and I love that shot of the door!
tconlan said…
General Zod, you crack me up!!!! I'm still laughing! AMAZING shots!!!!!!!!!! wow, wow, wow! Your composition is fantastic!
Sujomi (SuzyH) said…
I really like your walking tours...great shots all!

(my word verification is "nogiggle" - too bad, I'm doing it anyway! *wink*)