Day 137 {9 down, 6 to go}

Today was a good day. My weigh in revealed that the Butterfinger's days are numbered. One pound to go until treat time, baby. (Listgirl asked why American Butterfingers are better than Canadian ones. It's been a long time since I have had either but I believe the American ones are a bit fresher and not as crispy. When I was a teenager you couldn't get them here in Canada, so I only got them when somebody went to the US. It could be that they tasted better because they were a once in a while thing and weren't easily accessible.)

Ava was thrilled when her cousins came over this morning to play. We decided to make some cookies. First dilemma of the day? How to share two beaters and one bowl between four kids.

Scarlett has taken a lot of abuse from the kids this week so Ava tried to kiss up a bit this afternoon while the boys were asleep.

Big thanks to Shannon for taking a picture of Owen giving me a kiss. (Ethan started doing this earlier this week.) Today we discovered that Owen is a chip off the old block. He was swinging a plastic golf club and hitting Ethan with it and it looks like he is going to be a lefty just like his mom. Ethan appears to be a righty like Jason.

When we got home tonight, our neighbours down the street put on their yearly Victoria Day weekend fireworks spectacular. Ava and I watched it from her bedroom window in the dark with our noses pressed against the glass just before she went to bed. It was quite the show.

That was it. It was a good day. Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
Great pics again today Jen! I love your t-shirt Ava! Way to go Jen on getting closer to that "treat"! You are doing sooooooo well!
Anonymous said…
These are great shots! That butterfinger looks really good. I had no idea that it tasted different. I like the little ones. You will be enjoying that bar soon ;-)
Mari said…
Looks like a good day in the McDougall house. I love the kissing picture!
Melissa said…
Beautiful pictures, Jen! Love each one!
listgirl said…
I'm excited for you that it's almost Butterfinger time!