Day 140 {the dandelion}

Today was pretty uneventful. We spent some time outside and Ava picked this beautiful dandelion just for me.

I spent the boys' naptime doing laundry and mopping the kitchen floor...only to serve tortellini for dinner. Not one of my brightest ideas. No only did the floor get dirty again but the walls got sauce on them. Looks like I am mopping again tomorrow. Luckily I have lost all interest in Days of Our Lives which gives me another hour to work with during the day. Anyway, here is Owen at dinner. Big thanks to my sister for taking this.

Ava took this picture this afternoon. I was doing dishes and almost had a heart attack when I looked over and saw her standing on a chair with my camera. When I asked her what she was doing she said "it's okay Mommy. I'm taking a picture for your blog."

Anyway, that was it. The kids really did a number on me today and we are all battling colds, so I really need some sleep. I am hoping that the Butterfinger will be given the last rites tomorrow, but we'll have to see how my morning weigh in goes. I went for two long walks today so hopefully that tenth pound has gone bye bye.

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
Sure hope that you are feeling better today Jan and that the butterfinger does the job! Ava has certainly been watching you. She took a great picture, and knows the phrase to use!
listgirl said…
That is hilarious what Ava said! But I would have had a heart attack too if a 3 yo were standing on a chair with my camera.
Mari said…
Cute pictures of those cute kids today!