Day 154 {spaghetti night}

Today was a good day. Ava had storytime at the library so while we were out we popped by Tim Hortons to support Camp Day.

Our latest challenge - keeping Ava off the counters and out of the cupboards. We now have three climbers.

We went for a walk to the park and Ava rode her bike the whole way there and back which is pretty far for a little kid.

While we were at the park a little kid showed up with his great dane without a leash. Most kids would head for the hills since it's a strange dog and ten times the size of them. Not my kids. They ran straight for him. (That's Owen on the left and Ethan on the right.)

I loved the dog and wanted to take him home with me. For about three seconds until I remembered where on earth would we put it.

Owen had a great time even though he looks pretty dejected in the second picture.

Tonight was spaghetti night which is always an adventure. The floor always ends up getting destroyed and the walls and baseboards usually have to be washed down but at least they eat well because they like it. Believe it or not, this could actually have been much worse as Ethan usually rubs all of his food in his hair during his meals. They still ended up with most of the food on the floor or down in the seat around them and ended up in the bath but it really was better than it usually is.

And I finished off the night tonight chatting with my Days of Our Lives friends. Laugh if you will, but there are two things I am passionate about (aside from my family of course) - photography and Days of Our Lives.

I'm not much of an online chatter but tonight I was online right at 8:30 because we were chatting with this guy who happens to be one half of the best supercouple in the history of daytime and the only reason I watch this stupid and frustrating show:

Did I mention he has a British accent? In my world any accent immediately ups the hotness.

And that was it. Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
Looks as if you had lots of fun yesterday. Way to go Ava! Great bike riding. Fabulous pictures at the park Jen. That is a huge dog and the boys see it as a friend! Thanks for sharing.
JanMary said…
Thanks for visiting. Love the record of your day.
Rochelle said…
Nice desk!! Much better picture than mine. Last night was fun. Great pictures for the rest of the day!
Susan said…
Reading your stories is so much fun. You ought to have a book. I think a lot of Mom's can relate. I would have run the other way from that HUGE dog--I'm a coward when it comes to dogs.
Flohbock said…
The food is great picture!
Erika said…
Oh, I love the pic of Owen and the Great Dane! The dog looks so big, and yet so gentle. Daniel really wants one, but I think Ebba the boxer is almost to big already, can't even think about filling up the apartment with a Great Dane.

Lovely picture of Ava on the bike too, she looks so happy!
Mari said…
You got some great pictures today. I love the great dane on the table!
SocRMum1 said…
Okay...first of all that dog would have had ME running for the hills. Yikes - what a big boy!

The pictures of the boys wearing their spaghetti certainly brings back memories for me. Oh my...getting that stuff out of the high chair seat was always an adventure.

And you know I love that you snapped a picture of the chat. :) Love it!