Day 158 {say cheese}

I didn't take very many pictures today. I should have taken more because I had a willing subject. Every time I said "say cheese", Ethan was in my face like this:

Then he would show me his muscles:

Here are the "flowers" Ava picked for her Nana yesterday when they were playing t-ball.

Here are the boys loaded up and ready to participate in my self imposed boot camp. That's business in the front (Ethan) and party in the back (Owen). I slacked off on walking Friday and Saturday and stuffed my face yesterday so the scale reading was not so nice. This is the boys loaded up for walk one of three I did today. The walks were followed by a bike ride. I survived all of this exercise, but unfortunately my favourite, ratty jogging pants that got caught and ripped in the pedals did not. Fear not - rips add character so these bad boys aren't going in the garbage just yet.

As you can see from this picture we are still losing the battle with the bottles. The whole sippy cup thing is still not happening.

That was it. A pretty boring day but it they can't all be exciting I guess. Thanks for looking!


listgirl said…
It has been a losing battle for me to lose any weight during our remodel without a kitchen. Eating out is not good on the hips. I can't wait until we cook at home regularly again.
Melissa said…
Adorable pictures, Jen! I love the "business" and "party" nicknames. Was that your doing, or Ava's???

So impressed with you and the excercise. Wish I could get my butt in gear!
Erika said…
Lovely smile! :D They are so cute, both of the boys, and Ava too, and make great photo subjects!

Sorry about your pants. I get so irritated when I rip up any of my favourites, so I have learned to hand-sew small stitches that is almost not possible to see. And voila; good as new! :P
Mari said…
I love the "flowers". I've received a few of those myself!