Day 159 {crazy kids}

Tonight was a rough one and the pictures are terrible as I didn't take any until almost 8 and the light was fading.

Bedtime began as it usually does with the stampede to the fridge for bottles (this is Owen).

And then the kids went crazy. The boys rearranged all of the mats in the house and tried to pull the gate off the stairs.

They climbed all over the furniture. (Check out my beautiful curtains draped over the rod in the background. It took us five years to put them up and I am really wondering why we bothered when they look like this for half the day. While you are at it, check out the crooked frames on the wall beside the bookcase. Owen has been grabbing them from his high chair.)

They even tried to put their fists through the window screens by repeatedly hitting them.

The three year old was absent at this point - as far as the pictures go anyway. Her presence was very well known from the screaming that was coming from her room where she got put for being bad. A meltdown ensued. Obviously the air conditioning is going to get a lot of use this summer because there is no way we are going to be able to have the windows open due to escaping one year olds and all of the screaming. :(

I'm guessing now is probably not a good time to ask if anybody wants to watch our kids in July as we have a wedding to go to. Any takers? I suspect not.

Anyway, not a great day. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Don't get discouraged!
They are beautiful, lively kids.
Love Mom
Shannon said…
We would take them off your hands anytime! Let me know the date!

Cute shots! Sorry you had a rough day.
Sujomi (SuzyH) said…
Yep, kids are pesky. They sure are cute though!
Karen E. said…
Jen, even if you think that the light is aweful, I think that the pictures are great! The looks that you have captured are full of so much meaning. There is pleasure in every moment even though we may not see it at the time. I to would be willing to help out while you attend a wedding. I would call in some support help!
tconlan said…
They are certainly partners in crime! There's an awful lot of action in that house! I just love how you write about it all! :) they are so cute too! (good luck finding a sitter!)
listgirl said…
Your dog looks like she has a lot of patience in that photo, LOL. Hope your day was better today!
Anonymous said…
We can help as well with the kids while you are away or Scarlet...Chevy would love to have her over for a sleepover again!