Day 165 {pedicures}

Today Jason was in a golf tournament so it was me and the kids all day. It was an okay day although it sure had its moments. The kid who has been driving me the craziest lately?

Ethan (although the three year old is running a very close second). This picture was taken after he hit me in the head with a toy and got in trouble. A few hours later he body checked Owen and sent him flying.

While the boys were sleeping I gave Ava a manicure and pedicure. We went with matching pink toe nails with white daisies. Ava's daisies are smudges and I am pretty sure there are matching smudges at the top of her slide.

Ava and I made rice krispie squares. Ava quote of the day? "Mommy, big girls like to eat marshmallows with their nails painted."

Ava having a rest with Scarlett. She dressed herself today. All day her shirt was backwards and she wore the pants from her butterfly costume. They were backwards too.

A quiet moment in the afternoon. Ava was "reading" stories to the boys. When I got closer I noticed the book she was "reading" from was the Ikea catalogue.

That was it. A pretty uneventful day but a very long one. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Dad and I really enjoyed logging into the blog every day while we were on vacation. We miss all of you and are looking forward to coming home to lots of hugs and kisses.
Love Mom and Dad
~Susie~ said…
I love the photo of your pink toe nails and matching slippers :))

Great photos!!
Mari said…
That picture of Ethan with his pouting lip is just the cutest thing ever!
Anonymous said…
does Ava want to come to Ikea this weekend with Dana and I, haha she can tell us all the good deals ;)
I was wearing a shirt today exactly like the one Ava was wearing..weird. Sara
Sheri said…
Love the matching polish! Alyssa actually let me do her toe nails for the first time today. I've tried in the past but she would never sit still. I think I need to get some new girly polish now :)