day 225 {a boring day}

Pretty uneventful day. The kids continue to be very busy and test me continually throughout the day. On the bright side my new mouse arrived. I only ordered it at 2 pm the day before. It was at our house by 11:30. Unbelievable.

When the boys went down for their nap Ava had a tea party:

And we made these which are DELICIOUS and incredibly easy to make - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies.

In the afternoon the kids played on the deck while I did some meal planning.

Here's Ethan colouring.

And here he is with his best Chandler Bing smile.

I ended the afternoon with a splitting headache. Somebody (MY MOM) gave Ava some old musical greeting cards. For an hour I listened to a Christmas medley mixed with "Love Me Tender" with a dying battery. :(

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Musical cards are so much fun. Sorry:)
I used to torment my boss with them when she was having a rough day. It always made her smile or did it?? :)
Love you all.
Anonymous said…
The boys are getting so big ;-)
Sheri said…
Those brownies look amazing!! I will have to wait to make those...still working on losing those pounds! I'm down 9 lbs now, if I ate those I'd probably gain back at least 5lbs :) But thanks for recipe!