day 274 {always a bridesmaid...}

Today was a pretty uneventful day. It was really cold and somewhat miserable outside so we didn't go anywhere.

The kids coloured a bit. Luckily the boys only coloured on the paper.

Then Ava decided to play dressup with her brothers. Here's Ethan with his bridesmaids. ;)

Here's the picture I promised from yesterday. Here are the Mother Load Layered Cookie Bars in all their glory. Like I said - lots of work but amazing. The layers in order from the bottom are: sugar cookie, double chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter cookie and chocolate chip cookie. They're crispy like a cookie on the outside but moist in the middle. Absolutely delicious. Another recipe I will definitely be making again.

Other than that, I decided to try a new roasted potato recipe for dinner. It was also delicious and very easy.

That was it. A boring day but a good day. Thanks for looking!