Day 281 {pink eye continued}

Pink eye, day two. We were back to the doctor to see how we are making out. Owen has three more days of drops and Ava and Ethan only have one more as they are pretty much back to normal. I have pink eye in my right eye like Owen, but because I thought I had it and have been taking the drops along with the kids just in case, I'm in pretty good shape.

Drops continue to be no problem for Ava and Ethan. They'd have you put ten in each eye if they had their way. Ava even likes to help. The problem is it's hard to aim the dropper and keep from laughing when she looks up at you like this:

Owen continues to be another story. To give him his drops you have to catch him first.

The search for Ava's Halloween costume continues. At this point she is leaning towards being a bunny.

Here we go with the look again...

I tried another recipe today. Butterfinger Pudding. I didn't really like it and would have preferred to have eaten the butterfinger by itself, but judging from how quiet and messy the kids got, they liked it a lot.

Other randoms from today included playing with the potatoes au gratin box with Owen (I never claimed to be Martha Stewart. There are some things I can't be bothered to make from scratch.):

Ethan playing with Scarlett:

Owen playing with Daddy:

That was it. A busy day, but a good day. Luckily the whole pink eye thing hasn't turned out to be a big deal. We seem to have gotten off easy. ::knock on wood:: Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
I love that picture of Owen peeking into the box!
tconlan said…
I can't imagine getting drops in three kids eyes! Your daughter's pics ready for drops are hilarious!! Love the shot through the box of your ds too!