Day 283 {my cousin's wedding}

Today was my cousin Alexandra's wedding in Oakville/Burlington. It was a cold day but it was beautiful and it was sunny for the first time in weeks.

Shortly after we got there we found out that the wedding photographers were stuck in traffic and wouldn't make it to the church until halfway through the service. My dad and I pinch hit taking pictures until they arrived.

The new Mr. & Mrs. Caine.

This unused corsage caught my eye on the way out of the church after the service. This wouldn't have been her corsage, but my grandmother wasn't able to make it to the wedding as her health is failing and it would have been too much for her to make the trip. Hard to believe that seven years ago she was in perfect health at my wedding and although she had slowed down a bit was still in good health for my sister's wedding last year.

My mom and I outside the church:

Here we are last year at my sister's wedding. The difference? Between the two of us we have lost exactly 50 pounds.

We were sitting in traffic on the way to the reception and I found this sign entertaining:

Apparently cannonballs are okay. Just don't get too carried away because I suspect there is a fine line between cannonballing and catapulting.

The reception location: The Paletta Mansion in Burlington:

There was an orchestra outside playing big band music. They were fantastic but I had to enjoy it from inside where it was warm as it was freezing outside.

My beautiful cousin:

My parents inside:

The sexy and completely torturous shoes I bought the morning of the wedding. I remember thinking "I'm not really used to heels but surely I can last one day in three inch ones, right?" Not so much. I have never been so happy to take a pair of shoes off in my life. They were horrible and at the end of the night I ended up racing everyone to the car in my nylons.

That was it. It was a long day but a beautiful one. Congratulations Alexandra & Matt! Thanks for looking!