Day 290 {apple picking}

Today we went to Chudleigh's apple farm. We couldn't have found a greater day for apple picking (here's Nana and Ava on the hayride to the orchard). Ava was in a fantastic mood and was thrilled to be going apple picking again.

Daddy and Ethan on the hayride:

I don't know where everybody else was because although it was busy, we parked in the second row right beside that white car. Last year we had to park really far back.

The trees also didn't have the amount of apples they did this year. This year they were loaded.

Ava picking apples after a two second refresher from Nana and Grandad on how to do it:

Within no time she was double fisting it and picking with one hand while eating with the other:

Owen picking apples. Five seconds later he decided to hell with that and started picking apples off the ground and trying to eat them.

Ethan eating a royal gala. Five seconds later he handed it to Owen who continued eating it. It was really cute.

Part of our delicious lunch:

Other randoms from the day included:

And you can't go to Chudleighs without buying these:

The price of apples:

We ended up buying 10 lbs of Northern Spy and 10 lbs of Royal Gala apples. Colour me slightly bent to see apples for sale at the grocery store a few hours later for 49 cents a pound. And I didn't have to pay $7 admission to go in and buy them. Buggars. Oh well, it was fun and a nice day out. Thanks for looking!