Day 4 {wii workout}

Tonight after work it was time to start working off those holiday pounds I put on stuffing my face over the holidays. Here I am playing Wii Active with the kids. We were doing the daily workout and running on the spot. The kids are loving it just as much as I am even though I keep tripping over them.

Oddly enough, everybody had a different interpretation of how to do the side lunge exercise lol.

Thanks to Jason for taking these pictures. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
The side lunge picture is hilarious! I will have to come over and check out the wii active. Sara
Anonymous said…
the 2nd shot is funny. How fun to do with the kids. I try to workout at home most but what usually happens is they see me on the ground and think "lets tackle and steal mama's weights." Then I can not focus and get frustrated. But you go girl.

I have a video of Julia working out. She put on her brother's old swim diaper and had me put on a video from on demand and she did it for a good 20 min or longer just in brothers swim diaper and it was hilarious. Rich said I could send it in to this show called Americas funniest home videos.
Sujomi said…
They are so helpful showing you how it's done. ;)

We have the Wii fit, I don't like the way my Mii tells me how much I weigh. Guess I should do something about that.
Erika said…
Great that you all support each other in the exercising! =) It actually looks very fun, and after trying the wii bowling during our vacation I'm longing for one myself. Wii fit would be a nice addition.