day 66 - payback is a you-know-what $

In true Castanheiro fashion, my week-long birthday celebration extravaganza started today. My mom cooked a delicious dinner and my sister made mille feuilles for me (thanks guys!). My sister took this picture of me with the kids, three days away from turning the dreaded 3-3.

She took several pictures and they were all awesome, but this one was my favourite. One of them has all three kids looking, but this one captures the kids' personalities. Ava's pretty good at having pictures taken of her, so she sits still no problem. Owen is also pretty good. Ethan however, is hit and miss. He doesn't like to sit still. He is by far the busier twin and that is why I have far more pictures of Owen than Ethan. It was the opposite when they were babies - Ethan was always far more cooperative than Owen, but somewhere along the way it changed.

In related news, from the look of my cake, my "older sister" comment from two weeks ago didn't go unretaliated. In all seriousness though, I really think we are onto something here. Nothing makes you feel younger than seeing a number that you haven't reached...yet.


cute picture of you and the kids
clean your car lol