day 73 - domesticated $

There are two sugar days and three sugar days in my world. Every morning I weigh myself when I get up and if I have maintained my weight or am down a pound, I can have three sugars in my tea. If I have gained weight, I can only have two. After celebrating my birthday week "Castanheiro style", it's going to be two sugar days for a while. :(

Although funny I say that because I still made cookies today. As usual I didn't eat many of them as I enjoy baking far more than eating. I do it because I love it.

Wow. Did I just say that? This from the former tomboy who had no time for such things. I just realized that not only did I bake this week but I wore a skirt to work which I do quite a bit as I enjoy wearing them now. What in the hell has happened to me?!

Anyway, slow picture day today. The only other thing I captured that is worth mentioning was after naptime. The boys came down for their snack. I was folding laundry and catching up on Grey's Anatomy and I noticed it was awfully quiet. I turned around to see Owen at the table. He had climbed up, nicely set his snack on the table, and had draped his blanket across his lap like a napkin.

That was about it for today. A good day all around.