day 81 - got to catch an early train, got to be to work by 9 $

First day of Jason's afternoon shift in our house and I am on my own doing both drop offs and pick ups. This morning was touch and go getting everyone ready. Ava won't get out of bed until the boys are both out of bed. Ethan has to take off his own pajamas and there is no point dressing Owen before breakfast because I'll have to do it all over again five minutes later when he ends up wearing his breakfast.

Finally, everybody was downstairs and everything was going well until a food fight broke out between Ava and Ethan. There was banana muffin everywhere.

Serenity now...serenity now.

From there it was off to work for a quiet day at my desk. I didn't have to wipe anybody's nose or break up any fights. It was AMAZING. Then it was time to come home and it's a battle from the time we step in the door until the kids go to sleep. Three kids scream at me from the gate until dinner is on the table.

This time I stayed a step ahead though. We listened to Black Eyed Peas in the van on the way home. We ran into the house as fast as we could and we listened to Black Eyed Peas on the stereo in the living room while I made dinner. On repeat.

As a result, there was an instant dance party:

How long did dinner take to make? Until I got sick of hearing I Gotta Feeling. In other words...not long. Two or three repeats tops.