day 92 - the wagon cam $

Today was a great day. The weather was beautiful and somewhere in the mid-twenties (celsius). We spent almost the entire day outside. We started off with a trip to the park with Nana. The boys insisted on pulling the wagon to her house (it took forever). Unfortunately there were owchies before we even left as Ava tripped over the wagon handle. Good thing we were at Nana's house because all of my cool bandaids have been used for bras and militant arm bands.

At the park I enjoyed one of my last "roll up the rim" teas. Did I win anything? Of course not.

The boys had a great time and Ava built a sandcastle.

At that point we headed back to Nana's house for a picnic. Owen insisted on pulling the wagon and it. took. forever. A five minute walk took a half an hour. Let's go to the wagon cam, shall we (wagon cam = my camera on the timer propped on my sweater in the wagon)?

To speed things up, I tried to convince him to let me pull the wagon. He was not open to that.

I suggested I help him pull the wagon. That didn't go over well either.

A little while later he gave in and let me help him pull the wagon. It would have worked like a charm if it weren't for all of the blasted people with white garden stones around the trees on their front lawns

and the people who let their kids leave their kids' toys all over the lawn, six inches from the sidewalk.

Anyway, we finally made it and had our delicious picnic of ants on a log, fresh fruit and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches minus the crust. Thanks Mom!

After that we went home to find Daddy rolling the lawn. Tractor rides were enjoyed but jealousy was a big problem. As you can see, fits were had between turns (this is Owen chasing the tractor...and me chasing Owen).

While the boys slept, I washed the car and van and Ava washed her bike. It was so cute - the second the neighbourhood kids saw she was washing her bike they started washing theirs.

Anyway, that was a lot of pictures so I'll stop there. It was a beautiful day and nice to be outside. I even got a sunburn. On April 2nd. Unbelievable.