day 99 - dinky cars $

Today was a work day so there wasn't much opportunity for pictures. I was trying to get the kids ready to leave the house and was worried I wouldn't get my picture taken, so I took a picture of the boys' newest passion - dinky cars. They love them. They don't really know what to do with them and my car revving impressions are pretty weak, but we are working on it.

Had I known the sliding doors on the van were frozen, I would have been outside hammering on them. Ever tried loading three kids car seat age through the front of a van? What's even more fun is when two of them are in infant carriers. That's a blast.

Oh well, I got one door open at least. The other one I got open enough that the interior light wouldn't shut off. Go figure.

Anyway, I am quite impressed with myself. Although my car revving sounds need improvement, Mommy did a good job picking out dinky cars a couple of weeks ago. She brought home a Shelby Mustang, 442 Cutlass, a Baracuda and a Ferrari something or other and the car I would buy if I won the lottery tomorrow:

the 2010 Chevy Camaro. Car seats be damned. The kids can ride in the van. ;)

We got some snow today, but thankfully it didn't hang around. Here are the tulips in the front garden:

and my fan club in the window to welcome me home from work (Ethan left, Owen right). :)