day 131 - go green team $

Tonight was the first night of soccer, rain or shine. And rain it did. It was absolutely miserable weather but it went really well.

The uniform went on easily over about three layers of clothing and then the jacket on top. And it was not coming off. I don't blame her as it was absolutely freezing outside.

Meet player number three for the pink green team.

I wasn't sure how things would go right off the bat because the first time the ball was kicked to Ava she went into shy mode.

Luckily she partnered up with her little friend L and she brought Ava out of her shell a bit.

The warm up went well

and then it was game time against the yellow team. It was hilarious. The kids didn't know which net to score on, most of them stood around and the others were trying to pick the ball up with their hands. There was this one kid on Ava's team who kept going on breakaways. The problem was they started out of bounds and he was on a breakaway for the parking lot. LOL

Ava got her big shot early on

and it passed her by.

It was at this point that she decided forget this. It's cold. Let's go home.

Anyway, it was a great night. There was a lot of standing around by the green team, but it was only their first night and it was like a winter day outside. It wasn't too cold for the Ava fan club though. They are a bunch of die hards. ;)

Oh and on an unrelated note, have you joined the Getting Betty White to Host the Academy Awards group on Facebook yet? When I first found the group this time yesterday there were 7,000 members. As I type this, there are 53,000 members and counting.