day 159 - how many sleeps $

In our house, time is measured in terms of "sleeps". Lately, Ava has been full of questions:

"How many sleeps until soccer?"
"How many sleeps until I go to school?"
"How many sleeps until I turn five?"

Confession time: I took this picture last night. Ava slept in her own room tonight and was still awake at this time.

Another confession: This afternoon I engaged in some good natured trash talking on Facebook with a father of one of Ava's friends from the Red team. He wrote in his status "Go Red team!" I told him that the Green team would annihilate the Red team. Anyway, it was all in good fun, but karma got me in the end. The final score? 1-0. Guess whose child let in the Red team's goal? LOL

(This is Ava learning getting a "how to goal tend" lesson from Coach Maggie.)

Anyway, confession time over. Here are some more randoms. The youngest members of the Ava McDougall Fan Club were right into the game (Owen left, Ethan right):

Daisies on the walk home:

And what is it with my kids and my sunglasses? This is Ethan.

And that was it for today. It was a good day.

Oh and the answers to Ava's questions?

6 sleeps
91 sleeps
307 sleeps