day 164 - finger painting $

It was just the kids and I today as golf tournament season has begun. Nana came over in the afternoon to finger paint with the kids. The boys had a short attention span, but they still enjoyed it very much.

Ethan is on the left and Owen is on the right. I love the little dab of red paint on Owen's right ear. What you can't see is the green dab of paint on his left cheek behind his hand.

These next pictures sum up the day perfectly. Our house was like a zoo today. Naptime was a bust with Ethan falling asleep and Owen refusing to go to sleep and then waking Ethan up. The kids stole wooden spoons ("drums") from the drawer in the kitchen and smacked everything they could find with them, including each other. Then for a half an hour they ran around with buckets on their heads and smashed into things (this is Owen). My mom summed it up perfectly. It was like watching the monkeys ride tricycles at the circus.

I love this picture. The kids were having so much fun and we were having fun watching them. Here they are piled up on Nana who was sitting on the couch. Not a great picture technically, but it sums up the moment perfectly (that's Owen again with the bucket on his head).

In unrelated news, I tried another new recipe at dinner. I made Pioneer Woman's Buttered Rosemary Rolls. I made the dough from scratch and although it was a little dense, they turned out great. Not bad for a first attempt at dinner rolls.

All weekend Ava has been making me laugh. She's come out with a few classics:

Ava: "Mommy, are you fifty three?"
Me: "No."
Ava: "Fifty two?"
Me: "No."
Ava: "Fifty one?"...

"Mommy! I drew a picture of you. No wait - it's an elephant."

Ava: "Mommy! Ethan is climbing over the baby gate!"
Me: **sigh**
Ava: "I know. They're bad eh?"


Mari said…
"I know. They're bad eh?" I love that! Great shots again today!
Melanie said…
Jen - I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog for comic relief. Who needs the funnies in the paper when you have Ava's comments and the twins' antics!
Sujomi said…
Even I don't finger paint with my kids. Nana is a saint in my book! I love your candids of your family.