day 228 - south simcoe railway $

Today was the beginning of another week of holidays. My parents took us to see the train at Tottenham and it was fantastic. It was another reminder that you don't have to go far from home to see cool stuff.

It was a really cool place that is totally volunteer driven. You ride five miles of railway track in a 1920s passenger railway car. The train moves slow and the kids enjoyed waving to the flagmen and waiting cars who were sitting at every road we crossed. You travel twenty five minutes through

to Beeton and then twenty five minutes backwards. They stop the train at the end and you can switch sides of the train so you can see different scenery on the way back. Then they have a passenger conductor (who was quite funny) who makes his way through the car punching everyone's ticket. It was awesome and perfect for the boys as they are obsessed with trains, particularly Chuggington. It was also an absolutely gorgeous day.

There was a small train yard you could walk around

and you can even take your dog on the train (not mine obviously).

I was in tourist mode so there was no shortage of pictures. Here are some randoms.

Ava on the train with her favourite stuffed animal Daisy:

Ethan (with Daisy on loan) looking out the window on the train:

And Owen on the train (with Daisy in the second picture):

Sure the boys look quiet but there was a lot of passing them back and forth across the aisle.

Anyway, when we got off the train, I waited until everyone was off so I could snap a picture of it empty.

It was great because one of the volunteers - a very nice older gentleman - came up to me and asked me if I wanted a private tour. Luckily it was on the up and up because the last time an old man asked me for something like that was when I worked in a nursing home during high school. Oh how the words "Come here! Give me your hand. I want to hire ya." still haunt me. ;) This was NOTHING like that thank god. LOL

Anyway, he offered to show me the second coach which was empty. It was even nicer and it was so nice of the man to take me for the tour. The volunteers there really were fantastic. You can tell they love what they do.

From there we went to a really nice conservation area in Tottenham. It was much nicer before the boys noticed the water...but they were pretty good. Here's Owen with Jason and below is Ethan rinsing the sand off his hands.

Believe it or not, all of this happened before 1 pm so we decided to go to the badlands since we weren't far away from there. It was a perfect day and much nicer weather than the previous time we went, but the visit was really short as it's not the ideal spot for crazy little boys.

In other news, Ethan came up with a new game while we were out. It's called "fire mommy's camera at will while her hands are full carrying me". With that being said, this is kind of a cool shot of grandad standing in front of his car.

Then from there we went back to working on the backyard. Power washing the deck...check.

It was a busy day but a really great one.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures! You captured the day perfectly. We enjoyed seeing the kid's faces light up at the site of the trains. Wonderful memories captured once again.
Love Mom & Dad
Sujomi said…
Looks like you all had a great time and you took some wonderful shots.
Flohbock said…
great shots... I like the details!
Anonymous said…
I love these shots of the train ;-) nice. The boys are growing up so quickly ;-) they all are so sweet ;-)