day 231 - haircut day $

Today was coiffing day for the girls of the house. Ava and I went to the salon and Scarlett went to the groomer. Here's Ava waiting for her haircut "reading" all about Hannah Montana (We're still working on the whole Miley/Hannah thing. Maybe it would be easier to explain if Miley had an evil Michael Knight mustache.) and her real-life boyfriend.

It was a day of working inside the house. Ava helped me. The most interesting moment that happened today that was not caught on camera? Ava sucking up my $135 bra with the vacuum cleaner. (For those of you asking yourself how on earth does a bra cost $135? If you get properly fitted by a professional so you don't give yourself black eyes going down a flight of stairs, it does.)

Here's another shot from today. The boys on their swings in the backyard. Tonight they did something new that I had never seen before. Ethan hung onto the ropes so they could swing together as one unit. Awww. The matching backwards shoes make them even cuter.

Five minutes later they were beating the crap out of each other.

Here's Ava's picture for day 2. This is us picking her picture of the day for yesterday.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the bra survived.