day 245 - five more sleeps $

It's unbelievable to me that in five sleeps Ava starts school. Today while the boys slept, Ava and I had a little photo shoot in her room. I was inspired having read several photography articles and had some new ideas swirling around in my head.

There were some great reminders in what I read. I remember one of the first and most important things I learned years ago was to slow down and think first. Instead of running around taking a million pictures and hoping for something good, visualize what the photo is going to look like when you view it on the computer. To quote the article I read, "It's a camera, not a machine gun". Funny and so true.

Another tip? Using a reflector makes a huge difference. I'm just too lazy to get it out of the closet most of the time. Today I got my reflector out and I am really glad I did.

From left to right: Hippopotamus, Puppy, Ava, Mr. Bear & Bear Bear.

Ava: "Mommy, do you have any fat pants I can put on Mr. Bear? He has to be dressed for the picture."

I've always thought Mr, Bear was bigger than me. It does not impress me to discover that my shorts (which you can't see in this picture) fit him perfectly.


Mari said…
The pictures are great and the story of Mr Bear had me laughing out loud!
Anonymous said…
I think you are a brave woman with a great soul and you are an amazing photographer !
You capture life in real time.Even when your family are overwhelming you Jen you seem to laugh it off and snap away.
You have a lot of work with 3 kids and you are both doing an amazing job.
Life is hard enough with out children , you and Jason make it look so easy with 3 kids.
They are all beautiful children and are worth every effort that you put in . I see it when I look at the pictures you post.
Ava looks so cute! The boys are so big now and make me laugh out loud with the things they do. Great shots Jen!
Your photography has been steadily improving in a good way.
I look at their little faces and think how far they've come. All of it thanks to you and Jason's hard work and dedication.
I know you have lots of help from family and friends,like Jason's parents and your parents,Jack and Karen McDougall and anyone
else in that family or your own have been a great help.
Thanks for posting and inspiring everyone in ways you can not even imagine.
how cute, her and her room =) beautiful photos and thanks for stopping by my blog =) my awesome canadian husband designed my blog *wink*
Wonderful baby and too awesome room and background, nice creativity, Thanks.