day 252 - first day of school $

The big day is finally here. My baby started school today and it was great. She had a wonderful time. Here she was as we left the house. She was so excited and not scared one bit and I was feeling pretty good myself. It helps when you can see her classroom from our house. No, I did not get the binoculars out, but I did have my nose pressed against the glass at each recess.

It was Ava's day, and when it is your day it means you get to pick the song we groove to in the car. Ava's choice today:

Here's a random fact: I was in grade three when the original version of this song was released.

The drop off went well. I helped her put everything in her cubbies, she took the hand of one of the helpers in her class (who is actually one of our neighbours), and she was gone. Then the teacher said "Don't you want to kiss your mom goodbye?". So she ran over, gave me a big hug, a kiss and an "I love you Mommy" and away she went without looking back. It was great and I was good. No tears and not even close.

I would have tears later seeing her across the school yard from our bay window watching her playing at recess and realizing that she wasn't around to drink the last third of the extra steeped tea the kids always get during a Tim Hortons run.

So for the day it was just me and my boys who missed Ava a lot. We had a good day and we went to pick up Ava from the school. She hugged her teacher and a couple of the little girls in her class and we were on our way home. She had a FANTASTIC time.

Here's my last picture of the day. It was a picture she drew today that came home in her mailbag. This brought out a few more tears.


Anonymous said…
Ava looks so grown up! Congratulations to both of you on surviving the first day of school.
Anonymous said…
O First day!!! I didn't cry either lol I was so excited. She looked so pretty in her cute outfit. I love the idea of letting pick a song to hear.