day 261 - the tea party $

My children are obsessed with my blow dryer. Six months ago it was all about unplugging it on me while I was using it. Then it was all about them trying to look inside of it while it blew air in their face. Now they are all about "helping" me blow dry my hair. I'm sure you can imagine how well that goes.

So Owen was helping me this morning. He was doing a decent job. He only hit me in the head a couple of times and he actually dried a small bit of it before he got distracted and started holding it nowhere near my hair.

Things were going quite well until Ethan saw that Owen was helping me and he too had to help. He was told that it was not his turn and he would have to wait. My kids seem to be having a problem with the concept lately. They fight over everything and they have started resorting to trickery to get their turn to do things like sitting in the prime spot beside one of us on the couch.

Anyway, today was no different. I was taking a picture of Owen, when I saw Ethan's tongue come into my frame very slowly and he started licking the blow dryer. One day this stuff will be a lot funnier than it is today. Today it's like living in a nuthouse.

Later in the day, the ladies of the house were invited to a tea party and we had a great time. I am always the one baking and it was nice to go to Maggie's house and sample the baking that she did for us. Maggie, you are amazing and your cookies are to die for. :)

Check out the cool cookies she made for the kids (We joked that poor Ava had the shortest name and thus the smallest cookie. Phoenix however, made out like a bandit). They were later frosted with sprinkles:

And check out the blast from the past we took to the tea party (thanks Auntie M). Remember shrinky dinks? I have many fond memories of them,

the best part of which was watching them in action.

They were a huge hit. Thanks for a great day Mags!


Shannon said…
Shrinky dinks are the best! My girls love them. The best part is shinking the left over cut off pieces to see just how tiny they get. Looks like you ladies had a great time.