day 275 - ava's imaginary friend $

Ava has an imaginary friend. Her name is Shyla (which is also the name of a girl in her class). This is not her first imaginary friend, but it's the first one she let me capture in a picture. Here's the crew after I dropped them off at Nana's for a sleepover. L-R: Mr. Bear, Ava, Shyla.

Hmmm...nothing funny to say for today. No story, no nothing. I am sure there was one a some point, but I have fallen behind in my blogging and I have since forgotten. Thanks for being patient with me.


Hasson said…
Shyla is invited to Joel's party as well - we didn't put her name on the invitation but it was just an oversight, not a snub.
Jennifer said…
Thanks Jason! I will extend the invitation. LOL

The kids are SO excited about Joel's party. I can't keep the invite on the fridge. The boys keep taking off with it. It is their first official social event outside of the family. Here's hoping they behave themselves.

Who am I kidding? Hide the breakables.
Hasson said…
We don't have breakables anymore... Joel took care of them!

The yard is fenced, let them run wild and you can relax and listen to some Gordon Lightfoot