day 282 - thanksgiving dinner no. 1 $

Where has the time gone? Five years ago at Thanksgiving we announced we were expecting Ava. This year the three kids rode various pedaled vehicles to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. The boys rode their tractors and Ava rode her bike and needed her seat adjusted because it was far too low.

Here's the front row parking at Nana & Grandad's and Ava's favourite shoes that look fantastic but she can't tie herself. It's a work in progress:

While we were playing outside Owen tried to tell me he wants to ride a motorcycle. Dear god could you imagine? My hair is already starting to go grey. That would make it fall out in clumps.

The kids decorated Halloween cookies and had a great time. It's funny the difference between our house and my parents' house. Candies were hitting the floor as the kids were decorating. If I were at home I would yell "SCARLETT!" At my parents' house my mom it's "Jen, get the broom".

And last but not least, no family Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter would be complete without cranberry out of the can. You can keep your stuff with the tiny twigs and bits of bark. I like my cranberry showing the lines of the can it just slid out of. This is where the good stuff is at people.

Happy Thanksgiving!