day 317 - best friends $

Every morning I drop Ava off at school I get a big "Hi Ava's Mom!!" and a hug from her best friend. Every night when I check Ava's mailbag, there are beautiful pictures and classwork from school. The majority of the pictures she draws have her best friend's name on it, usually beside her own. It's adorable and I am so happy that they have each other.

Here are two items from her mailbag this week. I have no idea why she was writing on a birthday card since her birthday is still five months away but what I saw inside was so sweet and a keeper for sure.

I'm so impressed with Ava's writing. She's been practicing her lower case letters. She can spell words like "bye" and "bed" in all lower case and can write the names of all of the kids in her class with a proper mix of upper and lower case letters.

With that being said, her name above is all upper case. That seems to be the hardest part for her. She's been writing her name like this for almost two years and it seems to be the hardest habit to break.