day 336 - one stomach flu away from my goal weight $

I knew something was off when I woke up this morning. I didn't feel the greatest but I went through the morning routine anyway. My master plan was that I would carry a plastic bag in the van just in case.

I decided I could make it through the day if I didn't eat. Eating would be a bad idea. So no problem - I just wouldn't eat. Easier said than done if you don't have a client lunch to go to.

Five spoons of chicken noodle soup broth and three chunks of lettuce later I was racing home to bed. Thank god for my brain wave in the morning because unfortunately the bag was needed en route. And you know, the plan would have been even more brilliant had there not been a hole in the bag.

Can I catch a break just once this week? PLEASE?!

Anyway, this was the clock when I got home.

(I found myself photoshopping the spots off my oven and I stopped myself. Yes. My oven has spots on it. I also have walls with green paint on them. Shit happens.)


Hasson said…
I was scrolling down and saw the title about being close to your goal weight.... then i saw the picture for the day and the digital 3:06.

I wondered for a minute if you had plans to get into Sumo Wrestling, luckily you explained it was the oven clock, not your bathroom scale.

Jason will be pleased....