day 342 - no longer crabby $

I've been in a bad mood for a couple of weeks. I've been overwhelmed and frustrated and I can't keep up with anything. Even my iPod had abandoned me, playing song after song of complete crap (and yes I realize that this "crap" was downloaded by me somewhere along the way). Today marked the end of my crabby mood and my iPod started shuffling the good stuff again.

My iPod is an interesting mix of all kinds of stuff. I get my love of Motown and anything with a beat from my mom (Stevie Wonder, UB40) and my love of rock from my dad (The Beatles, CCR). I inherited my love of calypso from my grandparents. Believe it or not they are responsible for the risque songs on my iPod and the reason why I can't leave my iPod playing at my desk when I'm not there. "Bang Bang Lulu" is not really appropriate for a work environment and not everybody really cares who's gonna bang bang now that Lulu has gone away. Oddly enough that's the tame one. I won't even get into "The Big Bamboo".

Everything else I brought to the mix along the way. The hair bands (Guns & Roses, Def Leppard) from my younger days. The dance music from my high school days. The alternative music (Live, Radiohead) from my college days. Then there is a crazy mix of random stuff (Tony Orlando, Johnny Cash, Kid Rock) I've picked up over the years working with various people who have crossed my path.

So I guess in a way, my iPod is like my life story. It's the soundtrack to my life.

Tonight my iPod played a kick ass mix from the time I pulled out of the office parking lot until I pulled into my driveway. Welcome back, my friend.