twenty ten - the year in review

I hope you have all enjoyed my descent into madness over the past 365 days. It's been a hell of a ride. When I sat down to write this post I was disappointed. Not because the year is over. THANK GOD it is. Time has to keep marching on to get us out of this terrible two phase. I was disappointed because I didn't think this year was as good as last year photo-wise. Story-wise I think it was better but I didn't think the photos measured up.

So I started going through the year and I came to the conclusion that it was probably even. My year in review for 2010 has just as many images as last year and will also be a monster post. And I think if anything, completing project 365 was even more of an accomplishment this time around because it was a very challenging year parenting-wise.

Anyway, I finish the year with a few more grey hairs, but pretty impressed that I was able to complete project 365 again. It wasn't easy and it was a gargantuan effort, but I did it.

A big thank you to everyone who followed along and encouraged me every step of the way. I would be remiss if I didn't give a big shout out to my faithful readers in Nanaimo and the nurses at the Sudbury hospital who I hear feel better about their lives when they read about my own. LOL

I give 2010 year in review.

The beginning of 2010 marked the end of 2009's project 365. I assume that the grey hairs that started to crop up about this time were to protest me doing a repeat. Whatever. That's why they make hair dye.

A lot of big stuff happened in 2010, the biggest of all being Ava starting school.

There were birthdays,


and new experiences.

The kids got involved in organized sports and became a little more social

and I challenged myself and went from the couch to 5k in nine weeks.

We played in the rain

and we danced. A lot.

I even published my very own book.

Friendships grew stronger

and the kids' personalities continued to shine through as they developed interests of their own.

We went on some day trips to some cool new places,

we attended a couple of parties

and had some laughs.


There were some food fights along the way

and a pile of stuff got broken and/or destroyed.

Wow. And that's just the stuff I got pictures of. I was going to scale the pictures down a bit, but yikes. I'm leaving them in so I can call this post up years from now when the kids try to stick me in a home.

Fingers were pointed but the blame was pretty equal from what I could see.

We had child proofing issues

and had to say goodbye to a wonderful babysitter who was like a second mom to the kids.

The boys were invited to their first birthday party outside of the family and were schooled on etiquette.

Every single time I went outside to water the hanging baskets on the porch the kids locked me out of the house. Every. Single. Time.

I got a flat tire and some poor lady got pulled over by the police for running an orange light.

There were a few meltdowns

and some bouts of the stomach flu.

HST came into effect (boooooo)

and there were lots of emergency bathroom breaks.

And who can forget Ava playing Uno with Grandma and exclaiming "oh piss!" when she lost. I had forgotten about that one.

Not everybody made it to the end, but my camera did and there were days where I didn't think old Bessie would make it.

And that was it. It was a busy year. We did a lot of stuff and we had a lot of fun. And it was hard. I'm not sad to see the year go. Having three kids under five isn't easy and although I know I will long for these days eventually, I am looking forward to moving onto 2011.

I'll leave you with this collection of images from the year. They are my favourites for various reasons. Some of them aren't the best technically, but they are in this assortment because they speak to me in some way or they just make me smile.

Thanks for continuing to read and stay tuned - I'm still taking pictures and it looks like I'm going for a three-peat.


Anonymous said…

Great Review

Darla said…
wow, i am so impressed! you had an amazing year in pictures and these moments you are capturing are so priceless. i am glad to have found your blog and hope you will continue the p365? :) i sure hope so!
Rochelle said…
Once again, it was fabulous to check in every day and get a glimpse into your life, and to admire your photography. You have such a great eye! Obviously, I love your storytelling as well (but I think you already knew that!). Congratulations Jen! You did a great job!!
bentonflocke said…
wow what a fantastic idea for a review - like it very much.

Thanks for your visit and commenting in my blog. Your welcome for more visits!
Andrea said…
Congrats for making it another year Jen! You inspire me so much, maybe this year I will make it the whole year!
Sheri said…
Way to go, Jen!!! I have enjoyed your stories and of course your beautiful photos! You're an inspiration to me! I bow down to you for tackling it again this year! All the best to you and your family in 2011.
Jennifer said…
Thanks everyone! It's been a lot of work, but a lot of fun. Thank you so much for your comments and for continuing to read.

Darla - yes I am going to continue. It's kind of hard to stop once you get going. It's so addictive. Good luck with yours!

Rochelle and Drea - I know you will both do a fantastic job and complete your 365s this year. I will be following along. Good luck!

Sheri - thanks! Have you decided if you are doing a project for 2011? I can't wait to see what you decide on. Happy New Year!
Christine said…
its great watching the kids grow over the year - good job Jen!!!
You really are an inspiration for those who are starting year one of 365!
I look forward to seeing 2011 through your eyes!
Congrats on an amazing job!
listgirl said…
I really enjoyed reading your year in review Jennifer! You had some really awesome photos. I'm really impressed that you are going for a three-peat of P365. REALLY impressed, LOL! And I had to google the HST because I had no idea what that was. I'm assuming you're paying more taxes on certain things now. Thanks for sharing your year with us!
Jane said…
This is such a beautiful, witty, real record of your last year. It's as amazing as year one - just different. Don't be tough on yourself for one found the creativity to capture all this amidst craziness! I can't wait to see all the new moments you make timeless in 2011!
Karen E. said…
Jen, you are awesome! You are an inspiraton to all who know you personally or through the eyes of the computer. From your fabulous photograpy to your witty and creative writing to your ability to set goals and reach them to your abundant patience, you are AWESOME!! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your life with us. look forward to 2011. You can do it!
Jennifer said…
Thank you so much everyone! It means so much to me. Thank you so much for all of your support!
xNTA said…
Wonderful! What camera and lens did you use? "the escape artist" one in particular is utterly brilliant. I hope that it's in print and published somewhere!!!!!

What did you use to publish your book?

Have a great one! x
Jennifer said…
Thanks xNTA! I used Blurb to publish my book. I highly recommend them!

My camera is a Canon 30D and the lens I use to shoot 99% of my photos is a 17-70 Sigma 2.8. Thanks for looking!
Faith said…
Oh I SO love this post!!! You have so many awesome photos here - and what a great way to review the year.
kbreints said…
Love this post :)
Lynda said…
What a wonderful year in review and so inspiring to anyone doing project 365 this year!
The Clip Cafe said…
Oh WOW! That must have taken ages to put together. I love your blog soooooo many great photo's you are very talented. On my blog roll roll :-) Please stop by if you can
Anonymous said…
Hey Jen,
I feel fantastic that I made it into your project this year - thanks for all the work on the photos they are awesome! We love them!
Siiri said…
awesome, really, awesome.

check out my photo blog too
Glorious views and nice snaps too:)
Allie said…
I just got to look at this, and it is absolutely amazing! I love the many adventures that you include your audience cool!
tim prust said…
New follower of your blog. Loved looking at a year in pictures. I am currently in my first year of a p365 (+1). Going through your pictures, I noticed you said you published your first book. I was curious as to what that might be. Who did you use to do it. I want to do a book of my p365 and am interested in doing some type of book related to my photography. Thank you!
Jennifer said…
Thanks for following along Tim! I created the layouts myself and printed my 365 book with Blurb. I highly recommend them. The quality is impeccable. Good luck!