day 105 - rest in peace my friends

I come from a long line of soap opera watchers. We have all had our "stories" at some point in our lives although I am the only one who still watches.

Yesterday ABC canceled All My Children and One Life to Live. My grandmother watched All My Children for as long as I can remember and she watched it religiously every single day. I remember my mom also watching it for a while when I was very little. Although I never watched it myself, I knew who everybody was and had in depth conversations about the show with my grandmother. We'd sit and chat and by the time I left her house I knew exactly what was going on with Erica Kane and which husband she was on.

I also remember both my mom and my grandmother watching Another World. That was more my speed. I watched that one with them for years and I still remember watching in horror/cheering with my mom as Reginald Love plummeted to his death from a balcony. Good times, good times.

I would go out on my own and find my own shows, settling on Days on our Lives (1991 - present) and General Hospital (2008 - present). I even watched One Life to Live back in the late 90s while I was in college during the Todd Mannng/Marty Saybrooke trial. And as much as I would love to make fun of my sister for watching Passions and their talking ventriloquist doll Timmy, I watched Sunset Beach during it's brief run and it was equally ridiculous.

Unfortunately, we're reaching the end of an era. I honestly think more people would watch the shows if the writers gave them a reason to watch. People not being at home during the day isn't a valid excuse anymore with the advent of DVRs. If they made it worthwhile and moved the pace a little faster, people would watch.

So unfortunately it's the end of an era. Yes my shows are still on the air but anybody who watches Days of Our Lives knows that it's not worth watching and its days are numbered. It's only a matter of time before it gets canceled too.

My photo of the day is of my little soap fan. She knows all of the characters on both of my shows and other than a few brief moments where I cover her little face with my hand, she watches them with me like I used to watch them with my mom.

I can't believe she is making sentences already in junior kindergarten. And words can't describe how much I love the backwards 'y's.


Christina said…
Im sad too. I will miss those shows dearly.
Linda Makiej said…
I haven't watched these in YEARS - but you brought back memories when you mentioned Another World - I used to come home from school and watch with my Mom every day - And when I was quite young I remember my Mom watching the Secret Storm!! Guess that dates me a bit!!
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
I was big General Hospital fan ~ oh the Luke and Laura wedding, I remember being at work and a group of employees gathered in one of the patient's rooms to watch it. Our hospital almost shut down for that hour.

The Edge of Night and Dark Shadows ~ I big into them too.
Tiffany said…
Sweet shot, I remember watching "As the World Turns" with my Mom...that one is gone too! Thanks for your kind comments, I have really enjoyed visiting your blog:)

hipchicagomom said…

My dh is going to be heartbroken. LOL. No, really. He always watched All My Children with his family growing up. They were ALL into it. Like it was real life.

Oh boy. This isn't good.

Cute capture! I like the backwards Y too! SO sweet. :D
Leovi said…
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