day 110 - one bike, two bikes, pink bike, teal bike

Being vertically challenged my entire life, it amazes me that we have a tall child. It's kind of strange because we're running into challenges that are totally foreign to me. I never came anywhere close to being the tallest in my class. Never in my life have I owned a pair of flood pants. My dilemmas have always been more along the lines of "Do these pants make my legs look stumpy?".

When Ava's bike came up from the basement a few weeks ago, I was surprised to discover it's way too small for her. Ridiculously small.

The search for a new bike hasn't been the easiest. She needs to move up to an 18" bike which is almost impossible to find with training wheels and the majority of which are mountain bikes. The teal bike came home and because it has gears, standard training wheels won't work. It has to be returned. Enter the pink bike. Slightly larger and still a mountain bike, but without gears.

Did you know that you can fit a 20" mountain bike in the back seat of a Toyota Corolla? I was two inches from the steering wheel driving home, but it can be done.

Thank god I'm short.


Allison Hoffman said…
good thing you are short enough to sit that close :) it all balances out
This post made me smile!