fabulous friday - top five and a winner!

Welcome to another week! Thanks for a weekend filled with amazing pictures that have inspired me immensely.

Loved this shot by Keeping up with the Times. What a stunning capture.

And this one by Brooke? Awesome. If only the game of golf were half as interesting as this shot. ;)

I recently bought an iPhone and I have to say - shooting with an app like Hipstamatic is not easy. Shooting in a square orientation is challenging. It's so different editing the images right then and there and it's a totally new creative adventure for me. I took a few shots with my iPhone over the weekend and I haven't come up with anything interesting. This shot by Camaca is everything that my shots were not. Love. This. It encourages me to learn more about my iPhone and all that it can do. Thanks, Camaca.

This shot by Misty is beautifully sharp and so colourful and punchy. What an incredibly beautiful shot.

And the winner of this week's Fabulous Friday is...June Makes Six.

I was out all day last Wednesday right into the evening at a work event. On my way home there was a beautiful harvest moon. The moon was a beautiful shade of orange and it was just huge. I stopped on a sideroad to get a shot of it. My picture was horrible. Not only do I not have the right lens to take a rockin' shot like the one below, I don't have the patience. I completely forgot my settings and blew the shot big time.

Feel free to grab your buttons winners! Thanks again everyone and have fantastic week.


Brooke said…
Glad you liked my golf course picture. I am not a huge golfer - but it is part of life in this house ;D
THANKS so much.
One said…
Awesome top 5! The moon is fantastic!
Barb said…
Thanks for including my photo in the top 5!
camaca said…
Oh my god, Thanks for your kind words!!! I'm very proud about that pict. My advice with the hipstamatic app, go everey where with this app. open, and try and try. I need five shots to achieve this image that you put in the top five. Many thanks again. XO
Tiffany said…
Thanks so much Jen! Hope all is well at your house. Congrats to all great shots this week.

Christina said…
All beautiful shots!