day 217 - smurfing good times at the drive in

Monday, 15 August 2011

Okay, so I am going to date myself here. The first movie I saw at the drive in was E.T. I was five years old and I still remember how excited my sister and I were to be watching a movie in the car. It was pretty exciting stuff.

So to give the kids another first and as a throwback to my childhood, tonight we went to the drive in to see The Smurfs. I really can't say I saw that much of it as I was taking pictures, getting snacks for the kids and it seemed like one of the kids was always talking, but I think it was okay.

I also couldn't tell you if the second feature The Zookeeper was any good, but the nap I had lying in the back of the van with Ethan and Ava snuggled up beside me and Owen on top of me was epic.

Another thing I can tell you? $5 pizza that is smuggled into the drive in past the "absolutely no outside food allowed" sign tastes SO much better.

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4 Responses to “day 217 - smurfing good times at the drive in”

Sarah said...

How fun! I have to find a drive in theater somewhere close. Looks like so much fun.

Branson said...

Your pizza smuggling made me laugh ;)


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Dorian Susan said...

My best and I were remembering the drive-in from childhood...now office buildings and a condo complex.
Smuglging in the "pizza pizza"...how clever. Looks like a fun night.