day 105 - they say it's your birthday

The big day is finally here - Ava's sixth birthday party with a Selena Gomez  Pinkalicious  rainbow  Selena Gomez  Wizards of Waverly Place  Pinkalicious  rainbow theme. Everyone in the senior kindergarten class was invited. It was total chaos at times, but it went well and everyone had fun.

Day 105

Except Ethan. Poor kid had a fever and slept through the entire thing, never charming his sister's friends once. Something is definitely amiss.

Day 105

Thankfully Owen stepped up and did enough for both of them.


Prideinphotos said…
I LOVE the balloon decor, especially how you made it into a number six for the birthday party. Grand idea. Thanks for sharing.
Gayle Labuz said…
I love the balloons, too! Pinned the photo of the dining table... it's awesome how balloons just make everything into a party.
I am also most impressed with your ability to deal with the ever-changing theme. :)