day 246 - a day at the beach

Beach day. The day the kids look forward to every year. I look forward to it too as it gives me a chance to visit with my family.

Anytime we go anywhere it's a mad rush to get ready and get everything packed into the car. Something always goes wrong and no matter what time we start getting ready we end up pressed for time. I'm usually pretty good and don't usually forget anything important.

Until today when I forgot the BATHING SUITS in the washing machine. I realized it when we were almost at the beach.

Great. Where in the hell am I going to find bathing suits on the last long weekend of the year?

Many thanks, Great Canadian Superstore. Not only can Ethan snorkle in this suit, it can double as a stormtrooper costume.

Poor kid. Let's just say it was a bit on the snug side.

Wait a minute. Someday Ethan might look back on this and be embarrassed. Some men have a complex about these things.

There you go, bud.

Forty-five minutes and a pair of scissors later, Ethan gained some more room in his bathing suit and it started to rain so the beach portion of our trip was over. We walked back to the cottage and the sun came out.

So we played outside for a bit.

At one point we heard "wee woos" (sirens) and the boys were excited as there is a fire department down the street.

Now in our house we're outnumbered and every day has it's challenges. Desperate times call for desperate measures so sometimes I might embellish a bit to get my point across.

The boys don't want to sit properly in their car seat or don't want to wear their seat belts properly? The answer is simple. "You better sit properly in your seat or the police will take you away".

I think it's clear from the look on Ethan's face that he thought they were coming for him.

This better be the first and last time you run from the cops, kid.