fabulous friday challenge

Snow day! Three little kids changed into their swimsuits and made a water slide on the stairs. I must say - this was quite imaginative. Thankfully I had stripped the beds and the blankets were already on the floor or this wouldn't have been half as amusing.

Not the greatest picture technically, but I thought it was fun:

Day 63

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Deb Crecelius said…
My kids used to do this!
What fun for them!
tiarastantrums said…
okay now you guys are having WAY too much fun over there!
Lovely picture of the boys "Swiming" down the stairs.. we don't have stairs at home..so no chance of this happening
Susan said…
Oh how sweet! Love this one...
Tiffany said…
What fun! What a creative little set up:)

Anonymous said…
Ha ha. I love it.
Raymonde said…
So funny and creative. Have a great weekend. :)
What a fun shot you have today!
Sophi Belle said…
Such a fun photo, love it!!
That looks SO fun. Did you went along:)
Emily said…
What a fun idea and way to spend some time indoors. Thank you for sharing and for hosting this link up!
Hirsita Dixit said…
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