New favourite picture and other shots from yesterday

Here is a picture from yesterday of Ava eating one of her new cookies. She didn't get to eat much of it before she dropped it and the dog ate it. She is now eating more solids and loves Cheerios and Goldfish crackers. The dog loves it because she drops more than she eats and she likes to lie right at the base of the high chair so she catches anything that falls.

I'm slowly figuring out how this blog thing works and I think I am finally getting somewhere. I also finished proofing the wedding I did with dad a few weeks ago so I will try to post some pictures from that tomorrow.

Here are some other shots from yesterday:


Melissa said…
Jen - Love your blog! I can never get my fix of Ava pictures! Post away!!! What a cutie pie!
Anonymous said…
Great idea to start a blog.
What a lovely way to greet the day!
Thanks for sharing.
Nana & Granddad