Quite the character

Here are some new pictures of Ava. She has changed so much over the past few weeks. She is doing so many new things - clapping, waving, nodding and shaking her head. She says dada but doesn't do it when we ask or in response to anything.

These pictures were taken today. Jason took the one of me with Ava. My sister bought Ava and I matching t-shirts for Valentine's Day (thanks Mel!) so that is what we are wearing. The pictures in the high chair give you an idea of what a character she is. A lot of the time when I feed her it looks like I fed her with a slingshot. I will have the spoon just about in her mouth and she turns her head and the food ends up all over her face. She thinks it's hilarious.

She seems to be enjoying American Idol when we watch it in the evenings. Some of the singers really catch her attention - especially the bad ones. She will be missing it tonight because she fell asleep at 7:30. It's just as well as I realized today that the reason why our computer is running so slowly is because the hard drive is almost full! So I have a few hours of archiving ahead of me tonight.

Yesterday I was interviewed for the local paper about my photography which is exciting and very flattering. Unfortunately there will be a picture of me with the article. There is a reason why I take the pictures and am not usually in them - I am a blinker. Luckily he didn't use the flash. Anyway, the reporter was very nice and was here for about an hour. The article will appear in the paper in a couple of weeks.


Melissa said…
OH MY GOODNESS!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures - especially the black and white one. What an absolute ham! She gets more personality and charm every minute! Love it!!!

Also looking forward to the article and picture in the paper. I'm sure they'll both be fantastic!
Sheri said…
The pictures are great! I love the matching shirts! And how cute is the clip in her hair?!

I can totally relate to the food on the face...you think you're aiming for the mouth then they turn on you!

I love the layouts on the side. That's a good idea to post recent scrapbook layouts. I should do that...although I need to scan my paper layouts.