Some favourites

With Ava less than two weeks away from ten months old, I thought I would take a look back and post pictures I have taken of her during that time. And as I close in on 30,000 pictures taken with my camera (no not all of Ava...) I have to say THANK GOODNESS FOR DIGITAL CAMERAS. If I had a film camera we would only have a fraction of the pictures.

I know my family and friends have seen these pictures already, but unfortunately I didn't take any new pictures today. I had running around to do and Ava is teething big time. Her cheeks are really red and she has been like a little furnace all day. You know something is up when she has three naps during the day and is in bed by 8:30.

In case you are interested, I have added a link to my sidebar that allows you to enter your email address and be emailed when my blog is updated. The service is provided by a site called FeedBlitz and on their web site it claims that they don't release the addresses or sell them to anybody and they don't spam. Hopefully they are telling the truth. If you are like me and have resigned yourself to the fact that spam is always going to be around and they are going to find your address one way or the other, sign up!


Sheri said…
I love all the pictures! I can't believe Ava is almost 10 months!

I like the idea of getting an email when your blog is updated. I'll have to check that out and maybe add it to my blog.