Ava & Scarlett

Here are some pictures of Ava and her dog. I took them early this morning when Ava discovered the patio doors for the first time. As you can see they get along really well. Scarlett is so good with her. She curls up near her on the floor when she is playing and she sleeps under her high chair (a lot of this is so she is in the right place at the right time when food flies off the tray). And now that Ava is crawling she follows the dog everywhere.

Ava's new trick is to throw cheerios and goldfish crackers one by one off the tray so Scarlett can eat them. There are other occasions where she just teases Scarlett and lets her lick the goldfish twice before she eats it.

Now that she is crawling she doesn't understand why she can't play with Scarlett's toys. She likes to crawl up to Scarlett and take her chew toys from her. Scarlett is so great. If she doesn't mind giving the toy away, she will let Ava have it and if she doesn't want to give it up, she just walks away. We are so lucky that her temperament is so great.