A bunny, a kid & a whole lot of treats

Today was Charles McDougall's first modeling gig. Yes - believe it or not he is a real bunny. Had I not seen his nose twitching, I wouldn't have believed it myself. Ava's cousin Lucas very graciously brought his bunny Charles over today so we could take some Easter pictures of Ava. I usually don't use a lot of props in my pictures, but they just seemed to fit.

When I say a lot of treats, they were for Ava to try and make her stay in one place. Lucas had treats for Charles, but they weren't needed. He stayed wherever we put him.

Thanks Lucas for the great ideas and for supplying such a beautiful and well behaved model. Charles was easily the most agreeable subject I have ever photographed!

Here are a couple of pictures from today's shoot:


Melissa said…
Oh my goodness. They should be in Cadbury commercials! Love it!
Mom said…
I love the large photo at the top of Ava, you have captured her sweet disposition.
The colours are very spring like.
Great Job as usual!
Anonymous said…
U continue to amaze me.
Sheri said…
As always the pictures and Ava look great. I am surprised she didn't try to grab the bunny, or maybe she did! I know if it were Alyssa that bunny would be hopping away pretty quick!

Thanks again for yesterday. I really appreciated you coming over to chat and show me your albums. It gave me a few ideas for layouts for Alyssa's album. Ava will love that you've persevered all those great memories of her childhood!